The Entangled Web of Mistress Chase

Sensual Creative Goddess Equipped to Take You Out of Your Vanilla World and into MINE

About Mistress Chase

About Mistress Chase

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My Turn Ons:Gainfully employed slaves, clean, and reliable, with respectful attitudes, will please this Mistress.

My Turn Offs:Unclean, and unprepared slaves, who are game players, phone wankers and time wasters. Please note more than one cancelled appointment (in a row) will get you a one way ticket out of My web.

A little history

It was the road less traveled that has led me here. Long before I was aware of this strange and fascinating subculture, I was already a rebel, with a zest for life, a seeker of knowledge, a theatre actress, a fantasy seeker, a hedonist, and cultural explorer. With a penchant for a little danger, and an attraction to the dark side, I found myself here. Little did I know that the strength I was gifted with, would be paramount in my chosen profession.

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