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Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have slaves send me emails of gratitude for providing them with sessions filled with the type of energy exchange that every Domme and sub fantasize about. I thought to post some portion of the more special emails written to Me as reviews for your curiosity as you browse through my website.

I choose the reviews I've posted on my site by the subs ability to transpose Me back to our session or sessions we've had over the years.

I have also provided two of my favorite places that some of my reviews are on.

If by chance you would like to post a review about our energy exchange, it is always appreciated. You may find yourself on your knees pondering what you should and shouldn't reveal in your review; feel free to ask Mistress, since all reviews must be approved by Me first.

There are those special moments in our session that may require extra discretion, and are not meant for anyone else's entertainment. Therefore, they will not to be written about. Privacy is paramount and is not negotiable.

I have had the pleasure to session with GoddessChase, for a little over a year now. As a seasoned masochist, she fulfills all of my Sadistic needs. Her quick wit and creative mind, always keeps the sessions as if they were the first time. I'm a big fan of both her and our sessions.


Mistress, seems to have a penchant for sissy sluts, and she is reaping the rewards! What wouldn't I do for her? She has turned me from a curious cross dresser into a first rate sissy maid. I hope to continue to serve Her, if she doesn't grow bored with Me.


I enjoyed being tied down and forced to confess all sorts of things, the confession part is a fetish of mine. Mistress Chase, comes up with the most creative "Confession" scenarios, that are both fun and mind bending. Pyscho drama at its best. A great form of therapy for me. Thank you, Mistress.


Mistress Chase,
I would like to take a moment and thank You for Your training and guidance. Somehow, an email from You shatters the distance barrier and stands in front of me upon arrival. You have a way a pushing me just beyond what i think i can do and yet, in service to You, i obey. i was not sure how distance training was going to work, but with Your careful words, strict rules, and dominant guidance, i have been able to lose 30 pounds and keep it off. Thank You! Every time i sign in and find a new instruction from You, i am thrilled to open it and find out what's inside. It is gratitude that i want to express for Your firm and steady care and training. i can only hope that You find training this slave half as enjoyable as i find serving You. It is an honor and pleasure to be on my knees and at Your service.

slave sm

Mistress, seems to have a penchant for sissy sluts, and she is reaping the rewards! What wouldn't I do for her? She has turned me from a curious cross dresser into a first rate sissy maid. I hope to continue to serve Her, if she doesn't grow bored with Me.


Mistress Chase is a wonderful Domme to serve through distance training. i have no doubt that i am owned and completely under Her control, due to Her clear and explicit instructions and regular contact. She has an incredible imagination and an ability to find my innermost desires, fears and triggers to bring out my submission. I highly recommend Her to any slave that desires true domination at a distance.

slave h

I saw Mistress Chase's ad and since I was going to be in the San Diego area, and had never seen a Dominatrix but have wanted to; I thought that I would give her a try. I got to her dungeon at the appointed time, rang the doorbell and was greeted by the Goddess that I saw in the ads. I came in and was instructed that the proper way to greet this Mistress by kissing the top of the hand, which I gladly did.

Sessioning with Mistress Chase was the most intense, satisfying experience I have ever had. If I'm ever in San Diego I will definitely try to see Mistress Chase again. She left me beaten and bruised and wanting more. Thank you Mistress Chase for taking this newbie under your wing. Hopefully, I'll get to see you again. You guys who don't want to be dominated by a hot, sexy, demanding woman need to go elsewhere.


Having known Mistress Chase for approximately 10 years, I hold her in the highest regard as both a Mistress and a friend. Having sessioned with numerous Mistresses over the years, I can honestly say that Mistress Chase is that quintessential Mistress that one always hopes to find. She is attractive, has a great figure, is friendly and easy to talk to, and is very intelligent. I might add that she is also very punctual and always delivers what she promises. After all these years, I still look forward to my next session with her; she has never disappointed.


For years I always wanted to visit a Pro Domme, finally five years ago, I mustered up enough courage to do so. After searching through a variety of Domme ads, Mistress Chase caught my eye. I called her and after an inviting conversation I set up an appointment. We met at her well equipped dungeon, where she put me at ease with her conversation and alluring voice.

The session that followed was everything I had imagined and more. She is very intuitive about what you want from a session and she delivers. Over the years she has demonstrated he expertise in many different types of sessions. I will continue to see her again and again.


I recently had an extended visit to the San Diego area and had the privilege of seeing Mistress Chase twice. I have worked with numerous Pro Dommes around the country and she is certainly among the best.

For our first session, I requested an enslavement scenario. After taking a few minutes establishing the guidelines for session, Mistress Chase took complete control. Before I knew it I was stripped down to nothing except slave "adornments" as she called them. As her plaything, I was bound, and doing my best to strictly adhere to the protocol she had established. I quickly learned that the slightest deviation from her commands resulted in punishment that could be quite severe. Her ability to so completely dominate the scene was impressive.

For our second visit, we devised a scenario where she would be my pimp (tress). That scene began immediately upon my entry. According to the scene, she was displeased with my behavior and she made that known with a vengeance. I soon found myself stripped, wearing chain collar that must have weighed 10 pounds, bound in the most intricate rope work I have seen in a while, and adorned with degrading graffiti that she wrote all over my body. For this session, she arranged a visit from another Dom and soon I found myself suspended helplessly from a rack trying to please the both of them…or else. Unfortunately, I had told her that I like electro-torture and she definitely pushed my limits.

Overall, the visits were amazing. It takes a truly good Domme to take control of a scene in a way that both makes you want to please her and makes you afraid not to. She pulled that off brilliantly. More impressively, she was able to do it with barely a mark on my body we said goodbye. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit to San Diego.

slave m

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